[ Friday, January 04, 2002 ]

Well just another boring day for bryan i guess.. I got to sleep at something like 2:30 this morning and got up at 1. My brother was on the computer again playing 'yahoo pool'. I really gotta stop that, ahh wells.. I think i might head into the city and chat up some of the chicks that work at maccas or something. Stupid bitches must be trained to call security, its starting to get annoying.

This guy just came over and wanted his hdd formatted so he could put counterstrike back on it.. ahh wells.. i better reboot then.
bryan [8:11 PM]

g'day all.. i was pretty bored and had nothing else to do...

and i remembered that someone else i sorta new had this blogga thing... so i thought i'd give it a bit of a chop... so yeah..
its been a pretty tiring day for me.. i got up at 11:30 then came on the computer.. then started talking to this other guy i knew on msn.. and i met up with him.. it turned out that he only lived like a suburb away.. so we met up at the corner shop and ordered some hot chips for lunch.. they were quite good.. but not as good as what the other owner made em like.. they were softer and more tastier.. ahh wells..

then i had to get ready for this concert thing in the town hall.. cos i play the trombone in a little symphony.. it was ok.. there were all these cultural things there.. like this abo playing the digereedoo at the start.. then some chinese blessing shit.. then this abo dance thing.. had like 10 abos dancing around in cloth's to this guy playing a digereedoo and another guy yelling.. i started to laugh.. and had to go out side... then after our performance i called mum to come and pick me up.. she was like 30 minutes or so late.. didn't like that...

then i finally got home and went into the computer room to start coding some more php.. only to find that my brother was on the computer.. he's a bloody hog.. whenever i wake up or come home he's always on it.. so i ask him nicely to get off.. but he doesn't budge.. so then i start getting mean and using harsh language.. then mum comes down and gets up me :\ so i just go to bed (which is right next door).. then he gets up and leaves.. and i never did quite get around to the coding i was gonna do.. ahh wells.. theres always tommorow.. or today.. tis 1:33.. tooo late.. i think i might go to bed cos im starting to yawn..

ill keep ya's updated :)
bryan [7:39 AM]